Both Max & Linda is mini Fox Terrier, brother/sister by blood and are inseparable. They are 4 yo and strangers still mistaken them for “puppies”” for their sheer miniature size! 

Linda wears the pants in this dynamic relationship. Affectionately called ‘Lickin Linda’ for licking our faces all the time, she is fun, loving, mischievous and crabs any soft teddy bears to bite/play with. Linda is very much a “people dog”, and loves having all the special people around her all the time.  

Max is a sweetie pie, a big softie, likes his own company and is playful. I lovingly called him Max-O for his beefy male chesty look!  He can only put up with Linda for short time, though, he has a crazy habit of licking her ears and she enjoys it! He can be a little wary of people and loud noises, and he loves the attention from my hubby, to whom Linda gets very jealous!

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