Our pets’ contribution to our welfare is undeniable. They provide friendship, love and keep us fit and healthy. Despite this, every year an estimated 100,000 animals are abandoned across Australia and as many as 180,000 are euthanised.  We are determined to change that. Through our partner animal welfare organisations we hope to educate people on better choices and support those dogs that have already been abandoned, finding them permanent, happier homes.


Last year our partners saved and re-homed thousands of animals, an incredible effort considering the limited resources available to them. Their biggest challenge is their costs include feeding, sheltering, transporting and vet medical treatments. This can run into thousands of dollars for each animals, putting a real strain on their already limited finances.


That’s why they need our help, the more money they receive, the more lives they can save. these smaller guys battle every day, without any major funding, to improve the lives of at-risk animals.


Our partner rescue organisations were chosen for their outstanding contributions to the animals rescue movement.  All are well-established, registered, not-for-profit organisations that have a proven track record in responsible animal re-homing.  We’ve witnessed their work; it’s emotional and heart-wrenching,  filled with amazing highs and devastating lows, but all of them say it’s incredibly rewarding and they wouldn’t do anything else.


And that’s why we’ve chosen them as our partners. Together, we are the underdogs.


Pawlicious Bites also frequently donates food and money to other small dog walkies clubs and foster-carer networks across NSW. 



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